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Virtual Concert Production Made Easy

BetaWave Studios is the premier commercial recording studio in Los Angeles offering turnkey live streaming, full service video / audio production, and broadcast services. We offer the ability to record up to 32 channels of audio, in-ear monitoring systems, custom art direction, venue style lighting design and cinema quality camerawork. BetaWave offers complete in-house solutions for creating an engaging virtual concert experience.

Studio & production services for virtual concerts, live streams and pre-record broadcasts

Promote your releases or engage with fans with live-streams and virtual concerts


At BetaWave Studios, we’ve developed a unique set of production services, offering turnkey live-streaming solutions, virtual concert production and broadcast services. Utilizing our experience in audio and visual production, we allow bands, artists, and labels to reap the many benefits of producing engaging virtual concerts.


We offer hybrid live show streams as well as private broadcasts from our Los Angeles based studio. BetaWave has spared no expense in creating the highest quality virtual concert production available today.

Our friendly and flexible staff can help you produce your next online event, with filming, editing, mixing, live camera switching, lighting design and broadcast all done in-house. Whether you choose to pre-record a performance for a later broadcast or go live from our studio with on the fly multi-camera switching, BetaWave has you covered.

  • Our close partnerships with streaming & ticketing platforms allow artists the opportunity to monetize their performances despite not being able to tour.

  • Custom art direction, lighting design & visuals help each artist convey their artistic expression beyond their music.

  • We’ve racked up years of experience in record production, live event production, lighting design, video production, post production and broadcasting services to bring you the best in live-streaming and virtual concerts.

  • Our broadcast system, upload speed and secure internet, allow for the highest quality user experience, while offering labels, management and artists peace of mind.

  • We are Covid compliant with certified safety specialists on staff. Safety comes first and foremost. All equipment and studio space is sterilized before and after each session.



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