WOLVES - For VOX Amplification
WOLVES - For VOX Amplification

WOLVES - For VOX Amplification
WOLVES - For VOX Amplification

WOLVES - For VOX Amplification
WOLVES - For VOX Amplification



Welcome to Los Angeles' premiere digital venue. BetaWave is a hybrid audio / visual studio, combining the infrastructure of a traditional recording studio, the visual / lighting capabilities of a live venue and an HD video broadcast feed that can be sent to the platform(s) of your choice.

It is our goal to capture the essence of a live performance, in a time where artists and fans are forced to keep physical distance and to forge a deeper connection than ever, through intimate live engagement.

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Notable Clientele:

KORG, VOX Amplification, Blackstar Amplification, ASCAP, Fearless Records, Concord, Ortega Guitars, Wildfire Pictures, Bones UK, Torii Wolf, BIIANCO, Jerod James Nichols, WOLVES, We Found New Music, Destroy Boys,

Lauren Black, Draemings, Holy Wars, Psychic Twin, Weathers




Our space is built on top of the infrastructure of a commercial recording studio. With the ability to record up to 32 channels of audio, an in ear monitoring system,  permanently installed live lighting with controllers, and top of the line cameras, we've created a turn key solution for broadcasting live musical performances.


We run live lighting design and customized per artist visual projections, making each performance a collaborative visual masterpiece.


We pride ourselves in capturing the highest quality of both audio and video to create a seamless broadcast of your digital performance. Stream to multiple platforms of your choosing; including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube Live, YouTube Events, Twitch, Periscope, Mixer, Linkedin, Smashcast and more. Overlay our aggregated chat into your livestream and interact with fans on multiple platforms at the same time.