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Digital Music Marketing Services

Having trouble figuring out how to market your music in 2021 and beyond? Things have changed for sure, which is why we’ve worked hard to develop new ways for musicians to market their music via live streaming services, remote event broadcasts, and unique music production services.

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With the ability to record up to 32 channels of audio, an in-ear monitoring system, and more, you’re able to record high-quality audio that’ll help you market your music. What about video? We’ve got permanently installed live lighting with controllers and top of the line cameras.


Just recording audio in 2021 isn’t enough. BetaWave is a hybrid audiovisual studio, combining the infrastructure of a traditional music recording studio, the visual and lighting capabilities of a live venue, and an HD video broadcast feed that allows you to live stream to multiple sites at once. Record music in Los Angeles or live stream it to your fans. Either way, we can help with your digital music marketing.


Again, just posting your sessions online isn’t enough to engage fans online these days. You need our turnkey live streaming solutions, broadcast services, and our experience in audio and visual production experience to make it in today’s market. Livestream to Facebook with high-quality audio and professional lighting. It’s like a live concert but safe for everybody.


The key to digital music marketing now is safety. Remote events and virtual concerts are essential now, and we’re dedicated to providing you with all of the safety features you need to market your music in modern times. Our broadcasting services ensure that you’re able to engage with your audience on Facebook Live (and other platforms) while abiding by local rules and regulations.

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  • Our recording studio caters to musicians, podcasters, and labels all over Greater Los Angeles. Due to our setup, we specialize in music production, video recording, podcast recording, and live streaming for bands and artists.

  • Whether you’re filming a music video, need help recording a new album, or are interested in broadcasting live musical performances on social, we’re here to help you produce your next event with all of the sound mixing, live streaming, lighting design, switching, and more done in-house.

  • Backed by years of experience, our team of trained audio and lighting professionals is ready to help you create the ultimate recording studio setup. With our turnkey solutions, you don’t have to worry about anything but marketing your music to your fans. We’ll do the rest for you.

  • Our studio is filled with gear that's bound to inspire. Moog & Korg synthesizers, vintage tube amplifiers  & an extensive microphone collection.

  • Our broadcast setup up consists of multiple cinema quality 4K cameras, live camera switching, a venue style lighting package, a dedicated monster broadcast computer,  and secure & fast upload internet speeds.

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